Yoga + Hike Retreat in Ashford WA and Mount Rainier National Park postponed for 2020


I’ve decided to cancel my August 2020 yoga+hike retreat at Mt. Rainier due to covid-19 concerns.

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR MORE RETREATS IN 2021 at beautiful mt. Rainier!!

Welcome! I’m Andrea, Certified Yoga Teacher, avid hiker and backpacker, and relentless world traveler.
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LOCATION:  I’m proud to call Mt. Rainier National Park my home away from home, where I hike, backpack, kayak, and snowshoe. I’m so blessed to be able to enjoy the incredible beauty that Mother Nature provides.

Hiking and yoga are my 2 favorite things (besides my family, of course), and I love combining the 2 and sharing my passion for both with others.

Please stay tuned for future Hike+Yoga retreats in the Mt. Rainier area in 2021.

Yoga at Crystal Mountain Resort, Mt. Rainier

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Benefits of Yoga:
Improves flexibility
Builds muscle strength
Protects your spine
Increases blood flow
Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Helps mental focus
Improves balance
Maintains your nervous system
Releases tension in your limbs
Helps with deeper sleep
Gives lungs more breathing room
Increases self-esteem
Eases pain
Builds body awareness
Encourages self-care
Supports connective tissue

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